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Happy like a child- for no reason

Namaste friends,

Naachu main aaj chham chham chham… What a wonderful and joyful morning! Woke up with a song in my heart and dance in my step – literally! Why?…No idea. Still in bed, swaying to the song played in my head…Naachu main aaj chham chham chham… Chham chham chham… with a big smile on my face, happy and excited like a child…Why? Don’t know. (I stopped myself from writing No Idea, because you might say…Get Idea!

) Anyhoo…just like you, I asked myself – why? Did something happen in my dream time? Can’t remember so can’t say. Is something good going to happen? Don’t know. And suddenly I laughed out loud. Here I am, happy and excited like a child, for no reason, not needing any reason either; and like a grown-up idiot I am analysing the cause of my joyfulness! How DUMB! I guess that’s what kids must secretly think of us so-called grown-ups.

As I laughed out loud, I remembered my childhood and how my dad (God bless his soul) used to wake us up during holidays. Well, rest of the time we had to wake up early for school. I remember, we siblings used to sleep on mattresses on the floor. My mom (God bless her soul) had a crazy fetish of getting the daily chores done at a specific time – EARLY! She would call out to us, asking us to wake up, giving various reasons – needless to say, without any luck. Now, my dad was a smart guy. He would simply turn on the radio – Vividh Bharati. In those days, that was our main source of entertainment. I think cassette players came in later. We had one of those large radios – don’t know if you have seen one of them. Anyhoo…I remember waking up to lovely melodies from hindi movies. I am talking about ’70s, so the songs were awesome. I simply love Bollywood songs. I remember waking up to these songs…so full of life, full of energy, joy and childlike innocence. And I still remember the smile on my dad’s face.

Effortlessly waking us up to music in our hearts and dance in our steps. How wonderful! I feel that same  energy today. How very wonderful!

Here’s wishing you a day filled with music, dance, joy and childlike innocence. Naachu main aaj chham chham chham,hey chham chham chham, chham chham chham chham chham…

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