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Starlight Angels – Soul plan readings of new age children.

I started this service a few years back, on the insistence of a loved one, Priya (name changed). She had just delivered a baby boy, and as any curious and concerned new mother, she wanted to know all about her son’s future. I have been reading soul plans for adults for a very long time now. Soul plan is where we get to know what qualities one has chosen at the soul level as strengths, and which ones as challenges for this lifetime. This shows me a roadmap of their life, with which I then assist them to heal and overcome their challenges, and focus on their strengths.

Anyway, I would tell her things that I could see in the child’s soul plan. She requested me to write it so that she could have it with her always. Which I did, and I was truly amazed at the details that came through the soul plan. This is the first time I had written a soul plan of a new age child. These new age children are also called Rainbow children or Golden children.

I have no words to describe my feelings when I read the soul plan. Imagine a child who has come without any challenges, is already an enlightened soul, and whose mere presence in the family has the power to heal the soul  challenges of his parents! That too within a span of just 5 years! I have spent time with her son, Kabir (name changed), and believe me I was left speechless. Why? Because he is a high vibrational being, and whosoever comes in his energy field feels sheer bliss and joy. You just don’t want to leave him. That day I understood how the Gopis of Vrindavan must have felt around baby Krishna, and why they always found excuses to spend time with him.  Priya recounted many instances where friends, family and acquaintances- who she would meet occasionally, would suddenly drop by  to meet baby Kabir, and they themselves couldn’t understand why. They simply wanted to be with him. All of them said the same thing, we feel sheer joy and bliss when we are with him.

Priya called me after a few months. Her close friend had delivered a baby girl, and she wanted to gift her Starlight Angels. She wanted me to write this baby girl’s soul plan too. While writing this child’s soul plan, I was truly amazed, because I found that this baby is a genius, and also an enlightened soul. Another high vibrational being whose mere presence will heal all challenges of her parents.

The only guidance I gave both the kids’ parents was this: your job is to nurture, love and protect them. Also, they are very sensitive to chemicals. So you need to take care of the kind of food and the nature of medicines that they are given. I have found that these babies respond very well to alternate therapies. Do not try to teach them anything, instead learn from them every moment you spend with them. They are natural healers, right now they heal with their presence, as they grow they will heal with their words, later they will use all their skills and talents for the betterment of humanity and our world. That is their soul mission. They are here to help set up the Golden Age on Earth. They are souls from highly evolved galaxies, and are here to heal the planet. They are Angels from the stars, here to spread their light. That’s why I call them Starlight Angels.

I was overwhelmed as I said this, and I could understand their emotions too.

There are many such souls incarnating on our planet now. I feel so overwhelmed and blessed at the same time, that some of them are choosing me as their spokesperson, to guide their parents about their needs and wishes. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

Be blessed, be happy.

In divine service,


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