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Akashic Records Clearing Meditation

The Akashic Records contain your every thought, word, intent, emotion and deed. They are the energetic recordings of your Souls journey since the beginning, since the soul was created. It’s a living, dynamic field of energy and is updated in real time.

When we clear the old, we create space for the new. We can then integrate and enhance high vibe patterns of Gratitude, Joy, Love, Prosperity, Mudita, Anumodana and many more. The first step to this is clearing the Akashic Records. It’s like maintaining energy hygiene in our Soul book. And just like taking a bath is necessary for our physical well-being, Akashic clearing is necessary for our Soul growth. You may practice it as often as you feel like.



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Deepa Devi
Deepa Devi
Aug 09, 2021

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing 🙏💐

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