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Soul Radiance


In this program you experience the ease with which you connect to your Higher Self, your inner power. It is a one-on-one program which is available online and offline.

This program is designed to help you strengthen your connection to the primary sense – which is Intuition.

A bit about Higher Self.

Our inner voice, gut feeling, intuition, inner Guru – whatever you wish to call it, is our Higher Self. It always guides us to our highest good in any given situation.

You learn techniques to receive guidance and healing from your Inner Guru. A regular practice will strengthen the chords of connection to your intuition, and help you lead a well-guided and happy life.

You receive audio recordings of the meditations done in this program.

The techniques of Soul Radiance Program will help you with the following:

  1. Easy access to the guidance of your Higher Self anytime, anywhere.

  2. Easy access to the healing energy of your Higher Self.

  3. Magnify your faith and confidence.

  4. Help you clear and protect your energy field at all times.

This program has 3 sessions of an hour each, spread over one week. We do a session on alternate days of the week.

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