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Alternate Universe / Parallel Reality

Life is so amazing and full of wonder. There are so many things that we take for granted and never acknowledge.

Sometime back I was asked by a group of friends about my perception or understanding of the Alternate Universe or Parallel Reality.

That got me thinking. It’s so amazing, how many things we take for granted. Personally, I have been working with the parallel reality for a long time now, but never really gave it a thought, or acknowledged it. Simply took it for granted. Every time I do a Regression or a Progression, for self or for a client, I am working with an Alternate Universe.

Alternate universe to me is a parallel reality or universe. I believe that each one of us is a spark from one of the high vibrational energies, called an Ascended Master. I call this Ascended Master as my Higher Self, or the Monad from which I was created. Also, there is a higher  Source which created these Ascended masters, which we may address as the Divine. Now, this Ascended Master wishes to experience and share various gifts in order to grow in consciousness. For this he/she  creates various sparks of light which take birth in a number of physical bodies across time and space. So, when I review a past life to heal something within, I am actually reviewing a parallel life, or a parallel reality, AND healing BOTH this life and that reality Together. Also, when I visit a past life(parallel life) to integrate my skills and qualities from there, I am in fact enhancing both realities. We bring balance by giving and receiving. Interestingly, when I do progression, I am being helped by my future self, as time is parallel and not linear as we humans believe. We choose each moment of our existence. We have chosen this physical body, our names, our parents, in fact everything before birth, at the soul level. We have chosen to come in this dimension of karma with spiritual amnesia, that is we have chosen not to remember who we truly are and what we are capable of. It’s our connection to the alternate universe, through meditations, through silence, through breath, through visualisations and in our dreams that we regain our power and our true nature. Even physical death is a choice made at soul level. The more we are in tune with our Higher Self, Angels, or Spiritual team, the more aware we are.

This has been my experience as a Soulful teacher and intuitive healer.



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