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About Me


Namaste and welcome dear Soul,

The highest in me bows to the highest in you. I wish you lots of love, laughter and happiness.

Who am I?
Is a question that I often ask myself.

A woman, a homemaker, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter?
But they are the different roles I portray.

A soulful writer, a healer, a soulful teacher, a speaker, a facilitator?
Again, a new set of roles.

An Oracle expert, a psychic, a channel, an intuitive artist?
An upgraded set of roles with fancy labels.

Is that who I am? Playing so many different roles – as though a group of actors together acting as one entity.

Or is it something else? The switch from one role to the other happens so seamlessly, and in a fraction of a second – in the blink of an eye. So often multiple roles overlap and blend with each other- like a symphony, a melodious orchestra. Yet, at times this symphony becomes a cacophony – totally off-key, more like a noisy band. Most of the times, it plays beautiful, soulful music, as though the band was always in sync.

I feel I am playing multiple roles from this one body. This body whose name is Priti Mistry. If this body is Priti Mistry, then who am I? Am I the thoughts, feelings and emotions? Doesn’t look like, as they are ever-changing. But there is something within that is constant, unchanging and centered. Maybe all these roles are like petals of a flower, blossoming and spreading their fragrance, with a center, a core that is constant and unchanging.

It appears to me that all these roles are on the periphery of a circle, that keep changing or multiplying, and I am at the center. Rather, I am the center of this circle and there are multiple concentric circles which constitute the various roles and aspects of this life. This center is what I identify as Me. Something that I call “I”.

So who is this “I”?

I am a Soul that currently resides in this physical body, called Priti Mistry, and who juggles multiple roles, at times in harmony, at times not. I can be a Soulful friend, a Soul mentor, a Soulful storyteller, a Soulful speaker, a Soul messenger, and the list of roles goes on.

I am just a Soul, on this beautiful journey called life, doing my bit in serving others to evolve and blossom into their beautiful true selves.

I am Priti Mistry, your Soul Guide, one more role with a fancy label. Come, let me help you discover your Soul’s greatness. Together, let us bring in more light into this world by being anchored in the true essence of our Soul.

“I am No-body, come from No-where,

I am Now-here as Some-body,
Some-day will return to No-where as No-body. How wonderful!”

Infinite love, blessings and gratitude,
Priti Mistry, Your Soul Growth Guide.

“I have come this far with the guidance and support of my Higher Self – my inner guru, my intuition. I have always followed my heart and I guide you to do the same. Our heart is where our intuition resides and it knows what’s in our highest good. Follow your heart for its your best friend.”

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