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Bach Flower Oracle Cards

A gentle healing deck for everyone. 
Allow the gentle energy of beautiful flowers to heal your mind, body and spirit.

These cards are created with the intention of healing the inner child and the emotional body. 

This deck contains 38 cards for the 38 flower remedies. 
Each card has 4 components:


  1. Key words which represent the Soul qualities that the flower helps in enhancing. You may use them as focus for the day or situation. For instance; Agrimony flower helps in enhancing the Soul Qualities of Self Worth, Self Love, Trust, Truth, Authenticity, Confidence and Self Esteem. (Key words on the card.)

  2. An affirmation you can work with.

  3. Gentle guidance from the flower.

  4. Breath work to absorb the energy of the flower from the picture.

May you be blessed with deep and gentle healing with the help of this Oracle. 

May you be a channel of divine healing and blessings when you read these cards for others. 

Tathastu. Tathastu. Tathastu.


For Indian Customers: Rs. 1450 

For outside India: USD 54

Price includes Shipping

Delivery Estimate:
4-5 Days within India
10-15 Days outside India

Our Address  :  603, Heena Gaurav Jewels, Film City Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400063.India.

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