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Consistency+Commitment = Growth+ Confidence

Commitment, what does it mean to you? To me, it means maintaining, sustaining and completing what I begin. I am responsible for seeing through to completion whatever I start. Commitment also needs consistency. Just being committed is not enough. For example, let’s say I commit to take care of a plant or a pet. Then I have to be consistent and regular in watering the plants, or feeding and caring for the pet. This is my responsibility. Yes, I may commit and be responsible, but not consistent…this will reflect not just in the outcome, but also in my level of self-confidence. Either I will try to cover-up my inconsistencies, or be over-confident. I will oscillate between two polarities, plus seek approval and validation for all that I do. On the other hand, when I am consistent, it is easy to fulfil any commitment. I become rooted in self-confidence. That means, consistency is the key to inner and outer growth. Consistency + Commitment = Growth + Confidence.



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