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Attachment is the root of all suffering

Attachment is the root of all suffering.

~ Buddha.

Life is so beautiful and interesting. I love the fact that life is my Guru and is constantly teaching, teasing, entertaining and enriching me through a myriad of experiences. Last night a client sent me a message. She wanted me to help her interpret and understand the message from a dream. Apparently, she was quite disturbed and distracted the entire day due to that dream. She had a vivid dream about her father’s death, early in the morning. She saw him going peacefully in his sleep.  Surprisingly, she did not experience any grief or sadness of his passing. It was treated as a practical and a matter-of-fact thing. What was disturbing was the fact that her father had passed away 14 years ago. She couldn’t understand the reason or meaning behind seeing the death of her already dead father. So, we scheduled a call. In the course of our conversation, I got to know that her dad had suffered a heart attack, and subsequently had developed further complications. He suffered for around a month before passing. She couldn’t get it out of her head all these years, and had this question about why he had to suffer so much. She had great difficulty in accepting till date, his suffering and his death.

Interesting. 1. Dream time : around 4am. 2. Dream involves her father dying peacefully, contrary to the reality. 3. She did not experience any grief or sadness, again contrary to the reality.

The first message was that her father wanted her to know that he was at peace. And he wanted her to be at peace too. I could sense that it was difficult for her to accept this.

Secondly, her father wanted her to know that his body may have suffered, but his soul passed away peacefully. His soul had chosen to clear the karmas by going through health issues. I found that she still had questions and was not yet ready to fully accept this message.

What I told her next, made her sit up and take notice. Her unwillingness to let go of the memory of her father’s suffering, was holding her father back. His soul was unable to move on, progress, and evolve. She was causing a hindrance in not just her father’s progress, but her own as well. It’s been 14 odd years since she has been holding on to the memory of the pain that her father went through. Unable to accept, questioning the divine, holding feelings of injustice (towards God), sadness and anger.

Her father was asking her to Let Go. Assuring her that he is at peace, and asking her to move on too.

Yes, she accepted and understood the message very well now. I could sense relief in her voice and in her breath. All questions had dropped off, all that remained was Peace.

I learnt something very valuable today. It’s not only important to accept the death of a loved one, but also the chosen mode of death. We need to respect and accept the Soul’s choice.

I am reminded of this quote by Buddha “Attachment is the root of all suffering.” I guess we need to learn and practice detached attachment.

Infinite love, blessings and gratitude, Priti Mistry, Soul Guide.

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