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What is the 4th dimension?

Some say it’s heaven and hell both. Some say it’s magic and enchantment. Magic could be black or white, depending on one’s choice. Edgar Cayce called it the dimension of ideas.

Well, here’s my take on the nature of the 4th dimension. If heaven and hell both exist together, then it’s where Love and Fear both exist together. If it’s a realm of magic and enchantment, then to me it is the elemental realm. A realm where fairies, mermaids, wizards, witches, dragons, druids, elves co-exist. A realm where ego also has a place, if chosen. These beings are  commonly known as nature angels, as they are caretakers of mother Earth. They are helpful and benevolent to those who respect and take care of nature. They are unforgiving to those who harm or destroy nature in any way. So, love and fear both exist together in this dimension. One can also say that it’s where we reap what we sow, our karma. Energetically, 4th dimension is our heart chakra. This is where Love and fear both co-exist. Love is heaven, fear is hell. We have free will to choose between the two. Whole idea is to rise above fear and live in unconditional love and acceptance.

This brings us to Edgar Cayce. He called it a dimension of ideas. He is right too. As heaven and hell both originate in our minds. When we are fearful(an idea of fear), angry or upset we are in a space within us which we term as hell. When we operate from love and acceptance, we are in a space within us that we call heaven.

Is it a dimension of ideas, imagination, magic, enchantment, fear or anger or all of it? I guess it’s a choice that we make. For me it’s my heart chakra. Why? It’s bang in the centre of the 7 chakras. When I choose to operate from the higher qualities of compassion, unconditional love and acceptance, empathy, spontaneity, kindness and fairness; I am in a heavenly space. When I am upset for  any reason, or filled with anger, jealousy, hatred then I create hell for myself. We may choose to create angels or ghosts. We may create magic or distress. We are responsible. And yes, it’s the space where we understand the metaphysical implications of each thought and emotion. We can decipher which thought leads to what dis-ease in the physical body. As it’s also a realm of magic, we can heal it too.

That’s my understanding of this magical realm/ dimension.



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