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Source of Fulfilment

is within

Ride the waves of joy, with rays of infinite love, and let your inner Sun shine it’s wisdom 

Meet Priti Mistry

Priti Mistry is a Soul Growth Guide, a Soulful speaker and writer, and an intuitive arts therapist.

She is a simple soul on this magical journey of life, doing her bit in serving others to evolve and blossom into their true, beautiful selves. She helps you discover your Soul’s greatness. She is here to help more and more souls get anchored in their true essence and shine their light in this world.



Anuradha, Mumbai

The first time I heard about Prity Mistry was from my sister. She casually asked me if I wanted to accompany her to a Past Life Regression session. I agreed without much thought and yes, without muc...

From the Blog

Akashic Records Clearing Meditation

Akashic Records Clearing Meditation

The Akashic Records contain your every thought, word, intent, emotion and deed. They are the energetic recordings of your Souls journey...

“I am The Gift”

“I am The Gift”

Why seek that which is already here? There’s nothing to add or subtract. There’s nothing to enhance or improve. All that needs to be...

True Blue – By Priti Mistry

True Blue – By Priti Mistry

A blue jay sings under the sky, A  butterfly flits around the bluebells, Dancing fairies and merry mermaids Get rid of the blue clouds...

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