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“I am The Gift”

Why seek that which is already here? There’s nothing to add or subtract. There’s nothing to enhance or improve. All that needs to be done is uncover and unravel.

All this while, I have been taking care of the wrapping paper and the gift box. When all that was needed was to tear up the wrapping paper, open the box and embrace the gift… which has always been here, waiting to be uncovered.

The wrapping paper, the box, and the paraphernalia are but an illusion. An illusion that keeps me attached to the Outer, making it more valuable than the Inner. All that’s to be done now, is to open the gift and let the box and decorations go.

Drop the box and embrace the gift. The gift that I am to myself. I am the one I have been waiting for. I am the one I have been keeping under wraps. I am the one. I am The Gift. The Gift of All That Is.

Yahoo! What fun it is to tear open the box and bedazzled by the gift! Awe. Wonder. Magic.


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