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Starlight Angels

Soul plan readings for new age children

Soul plan readings for new age children.

Are you a parent of a crystal, rainbow, golden or diamond child? If so, then this service is for you. Read further to know more.

There are many souls incarnating on our planet at this point in time, who are natural healers and pure geniuses. Their mere presence in the family heals the karma and challenges of their parents. They are souls from highly evolved galaxies, we call them high vibrational beings.

This is one of the reasons why it takes them some time to get used to the dense and heavy frequency of planet earth. They are very sensitive to chemicals, also very caring and protective towards animals and nature. Some of these kids are unfortunately labelled as Autistic, ADHD and other non-encouraging terms. Some children from this soul group are choosing to communicate telepathically, and hence end up speaking late. This naturally causes anxiety in parents.

Starlight angels is a Soul plan reading of new age children. As a parent you become aware of the skills and qualities of your child, and also of challenges, if any. It serves as a guide for the parent to take good care of your child. Your child has chosen you as his/her parent for a specific reason. You are the only person who can understand their needs and help them to fulfil their soul mission. These children are Angels from the stars, and that is the reason I call them Starlight Angels.

You will receive the reading of your child’s Soul plan by email; in a week’s time from sending the details and making the payment.

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