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Tree of Life by Priti Mistry

Tree of Life. ~ Priti Mistry

Patience is a fruit of love, It carries the seeds of joy. Scatter the seeds all around, The winds carry them far and wide, And they sprout into a bountiful forest.

A forest of enthusiasm and passion, Whose roots are love and compassion, With grateful and generous branches, With leaves that breathe wisdom, With flowers that sing, Inviting butterflies and birds to join in.

Everyone wants a bite of patience, For it holds the juice of life. Come, taste it’s nectar, You will be back for more, And there is plenty for all.

From the forest of Joy, We present you the fruit of patience, Nurtured with love and compassion, To nourish the Tree of Life, Let’s cherish our Tree of Life.

Namaste friends, Today began just like any other day. The same hurry and flurry of the morning routine, cooking breakfast, lunch, packing tiffins, getting the house in order, etc, etc. A regular, normal morning for me.

After everyone left, and I had finished other minor chores, all I wanted to do was take a nap. I love taking short naps as they are great rechargers for my energy. I am a believer of Napism, nappiness is happiness for me.

Imagine my confusion when I just couldn’t rest, let alone fall asleep. As I checked within for any emotional debris, I couldn’t find any. Ok, let’s meditate then, I told myself. Heck, that was next to impossible today. What a googly! So restless! After an hour of twisting and turning and trying to figure out what was wrong, to say that I was fed up, would be an understatement.

That’s when I thought of doing a wet-on-wet painting. I have been using this technique for quite some time now. It helps me release all emotions effectively, and clears my mind instantly. Earlier I used to write and release, which I still do at times. Since a year I have been using wet on wet painting not just to release emotions, but also to understand the language of the Soul, the messages from my higher self. Also, after a wet on wet painting session, I sleep like a log. I am an absolute novice, like a kid, when it comes to painting, but as my sacred geometry teacher says, we are not creating a product, we are using art as a medium to heal and understand the language of the Soul.

So, here I was, with a wet paper and water colours and brushes, ready to paint. Paint what? No idea. I always allow my intuition to take the lead and guide my fingers. It was interesting for me to note that, after creating the background, I painted the green tree(far right) first. That was very unusual for me. The tree on the left was created later. I usually go from left to right. Anyhow, I was done with the painting in about 30-45 minutes. My mind had completely calmed down. And…instead of feeling sleepy, I felt guided to write something. Write what? You guessed it, No idea!

I picked up a pen and allowed the words to flow from within. And it flowed…I am speechless and amazed at the beauty and magic of this verse, The Tree of Life.

And the penny dropped! My Higher Self/ Soul/ inner voice, wanted? to give me a message. I understood why the far right tree was created first, that’s creating or envisioning the future from my heart. Then creating the tree on the left, that represents my past, my foundation, my root. At the bottom, the roots of both the trees merge together, come together. The flowers and fruits from both the trees are being showered in the center (Now), along with the rain. Blessings of abundant love and joy. The tree of life, my tree of life is bringing me gifts that I truly deserve. I am so grateful, and I am open to receiving the gifts graciously. Thank you, thank you, thank you. How very wonderful!


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