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I am perfectly imperfect – By Priti Mistry.

Perfection is an illusion, Imperfection a reality. Perfection is artificial, Imperfection natural and organic. Perfection is stressful, Imperfection is ease. Perfection needs effort, Imperfection is effortless. Being imperfect is natural, Being imperfect is authentic, Being imperfect is joyful, Being imperfect is beautiful, Being imperfect is Me. I am perfect in my quirkiness, I am perfect in my craziness, I am perfect in my whackiness, I am perfect when I am broken, I am perfect when I am fearful, I am perfect when I laugh and cry at the same time. I am perfectly? whimsical, I am perfectly? forgetful, I am perfectly lovable, I am perfectly imperfect… Perfectly imperfect and complete. Wow! All pressures of perfection gone, By simply accepting my perfectly imperfect self. How very wonderful!


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