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Channelled verses


Patience translates into wisdom. It brings in the knowledge, experience and understanding of the divine. It brings in purity and clarity, knowing and understanding, radiance of the divine.

“Patience is a radiant drop of the divine, A drop of wisdom, a speck of gold. It is the brightness in the flame, It is the gentleness in the breeze. Patience is an armour for the courageous, It is a reward for the faithful.” ~ Archangel Metatron.

“Burn the ego in the fire of your soul’s passion, Rise anew from the waters of creation, Rest awhile in the womb of darkness to revive your strength, Shine your light, you are a Star re-born! ~ Higher Self.

Archangel Jophiel’s message.

Grace, beauty and peace.

Immaculate heart, pink and gold, Receptivity and intuition, blankets of the soul, Warmth, joy and playfulness, Gifts of a silent mind. Love and laughter, light and joy, Magic of the heart and mind. Walk in the light of love, Live in the light of love, In the garden of grace and beauty, Rejoice in the light of love.


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